Collection: Oley Art

Courtney Oley is a self-taught professional acrylic wildlife artist. Originally from Rome, Pennsylvania, Courtney now resides in beautiful St. Pete, Florida where her creativity is continually inspired daily by the natural surroundings. Early on in life, Courtney developed two obsessions: drawing and animals. If she wasn't lying on the floor scribbling away in her sketchbook, you could find her outside trying to befriend local wildlife. Her curiosity and fascination with drawing and painting wildlife continued throughout her teen years into adulthood. As a self-taught artist, she took pride in learning her own techniques through trial and error, along with lots of motivation, patience, hard work, and support from her family. Her love and appreciation for all animals has progressed over the years along with her artwork. When Courtney was 18 she moved to Florida with a car packed with clothes, sentimental values, and whatever art supplies she could fit. While continuing her art practices, Courtney worked for eleven years as a hairstylist before leaving to begin her dream career as a full-time artist with her official company, Oley Art in 2020. Working with multiple preferred artistic mediums, Courtney meticulously captures the intricate details of the eyes fur, feathers, scales, and the expressions of her subjects. Whether it's an intimate portrait of a domestic pet or a majestic depiction of a wild animal, each piece of artwork by Courtney evokes a sense of wonder and a deep appreciation for the animal world. When Courtney isn't hard at work in her studio, or traveling, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and the beautiful sunny outdoors of both Florida and Pennsylvania.
Oley Art